We believe that in order to grow the community and value of the brand,we need to attract fans from both within and outside the NFT space.

Our aim is to create a strong In Real Life (IRL) presence and strong utility assets to ensure that we always deliver value to our supporters and grow the size of the NFT pie by attracting new members into this space.

Our proven track record in game design and story development will ensure that the Aspera Galaxy will be a long-term project worth holding onto.

10 %

Feed the kids

30 %

Airdrop 10 Aspera Galaxy NFTs in contest giveaways

70 %

* Charity donations to self defence program for women and kids
* Coding camps for under-privileged children
* 15 members will get individual art commissions of themselves with their NFT by Jerry Hinds

100 %

* 1 NFT comic which will be airdropped to holders of the Aspera Galaxy NFT by February 2022.
* 1 physical card game developed with Codomo by Autumn 2022. Owners of Aspera Galaxy NFT will be given staking in this IRL card game. Profits will be allocated accordingly.
*1 companion NFT (of the dedicated martial arts) will be airdropped to owners who hold both Male & Female avatars in the same martial arts
* 1 Physical copy that can be claimed upon print and will be mailed to holders of the NFT at specified snapshot date
* 3 separate Aspera Galaxy figurines to be created by April 2022
* Creating a physical presence at regional Comicons to increase IRL awareness of The Aspera Galaxy and bring awareness and value of the original NFT