How to Mint

A.     Download the extension on your browser
B.     Purchase Ethereum from various exchanges, such as Gemini, Coinbase or Binance, or you also buy on Metamask
C.    Send Ethereum from this exchange to your MetaMask wallet
D.    When it is time to mint, open the Aspera Galaxy website and select the number of NFTs you wish to purchase
E.     Metamask will popup asking for connection
F.     Confirm the transaction and any associated fees
G.    Once you have made your purchase, your NFTs will appear in your wallet and on OpenSea

What is Total Supply?

A total of 9090 front facing avatars are available for phase 1 of the launch.

How do I qualify for presale?

Details on presale qualification are on our Discord. Please follow this link to join.

Why did you create this project?

a. We wanted to combine our passion for martial arts, storytelling and comic art. We also wanted launch a project that was considerate to the needs of the community in terms of minting, gas, distribution and long term value.
b. Our objective is to ensure that true lovers of art both martial and comic can get access to our work and also enjoy the long term utility that we will deliver as outlined in our roadmap.
c. Our objective is to bring NFTs into the physical world with the creation of IRL assets such as comic books, model figurines and playable card games with world renowned Codomo studios.
d. Holders of Aspera Galaxy will also be entitled to ongoing airdrops to build out the Metaverse.