And for centuries, the inhabitants of the Aspera Galaxy have lived under a strict caste system which ensures that the social order continues to remain unchallenged. The accepted hierarchy consists of Yugens (overlords), Heraeths (the order) and Ex Niholi (commoners).

Despite “Peace” in the galaxy, there is great economic disparity between the castes, with the Ex Niholi toiling to service to the whims of the Yugens while being kept in order by the Heraeths. The Yugens maintain their supremacy via mastery of Krptograf, a dark technology that alters their DNA to give them unparalleled access to Banking, Finance and Technology.

The one respite of the Ex Niholi and where for brief moments they are treated as “equals” are in the dojo. All inhabitants of Aspera are practitioners of martial arts from young and trained exclusively in their birth disciplines of either Jiu Jitsu, Tae kwan do, Karate, Cem6o, Catch wrestling, Kung Fu, Boxing, Muay Thai and Sumo,

In the Dojo, Yugens, Heraeths and Ex Niholi follow strict codes of honour where they drill, spar and compete in one-on-one tournaments against each other. Victory in combat is one of the highest honors one can receive in their lifetime.
They control all finance, politics and trade in Aspera. They have Kryptograf encoded into their DNA. Their cybernetic enhancements are encoded into their face plates which also represents their status over the inhabitants of Aspera.
Cybernetic augmentation: 10% of the population are Yugen
They are the keepers of the order in Aspera. They are defined by their robotic enhancements which tap them into the galactic database to identify and silence the discontent
2 types of robotic enhancements: 30% of the population are Heraeth
They are the common population of the Aspera Galaxy who are denied cybernetic augmentation. They live to serve the needs of the Yugen and are bound by the generational hierarchies that came before them. Their only respite is the practice and competition of their chosen martial art.
No Facial Enhancements: 60% of the population are Ex Niholi